Prize Winners

The Tomalla Prize is distributed about every three years for extraordinary contributions to general relativity and gravity.
(For the latest prizes you can download the prize colloquium by clicking on the names and the laudatio by clicking on ‘Laudatio’.)
The Tomalla prize holders are:

V. Mukhanov (2009)
for his contributions to inflationary cosmology and especially for the determination of the density perturbation spectrum from inflation.

A. Starobinsky (2009)
for his pioneering contributions to inflationary cosmology and especially for the determination of the spectrum of gravitational waves generated during inflation.

D. Christodoulou (2008)
for his important contributions to general relativity, especially for his rigorous demonstration of global non-linear stability of Minkowski spacetime.

P.J. Peebles (2003)
for his leading role in cosmology research, especially on the cosmic microwave background and the large scale structure of the Universe.

G.A. Tammann (2000)
for his efforts in measuring the expansion rate of the universe and especially for his pioneering work using Supernovae as standard candles.

W. Israel (1996)
for his work on mathematical relativity, especially on the uniqueness of black holes solutions.

A.R. Sandage (1993)
for his lifelong efforts in measuring the dynamics of the Universe.

J.H. Taylor (1987)
for his discovery and persistent study on the binary pulsar PSR1913+16, which led to the first (indirect) detection of gravitational waves.

A. Sakharov (1984)
for his fundamental contribution to the problem of the matter - antimatter asymmetry in the Universe and his new ideas on gravity at a fundamental level (induced gravity).

S. Chandrasekhar (1981)
for his contributions to relativistic astrophysics, especially for the discovery of a limiting mass for the final stages of stars.